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Vanguard Strikes


Strikes are a good way to level up and get exclusive weapons and exotic catalysts. Vanguard Strikes offer a pinnacle each week for completing 3 strikes using the element for the week. It’s also a good way to reach the soft cap as blue engrams drop higher.

Even once you hit the soft cap you will then have the weekly challenge to get a pinnacle each week which helps with power leveling all the way to pinnacle cap. Another reason is to unlock exotic catalysts as a lot of them drop from Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible.

Our team can help you farm as many Vanguard Strikes as you need or just do the weekly challenge if needed with this service.


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Piloted: A pro will play on your account to complete this service.

Customer Reviews

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David F.
Great service

They helped me big time getting these raids done efficiently, thanks again.

Mike H.
Blown away

Started in the same hour, finished in the same day, the service is impeccable

George E.
Amazing service

Very professional and quick service. Will do business with again.

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