Solstice 2023

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Solstice 2023


The Solstice summer event has returned!


This limited-time event is available starting July 18th and ends on August 8th. 

Event Challenges will reward Solstice rewards and event tickets. Keep in mind Event Tickets will expire on Aug 8th.

Solstice armor will be the easiest to get the armor rolls needed for your guardian. Upgrading the Solstice armor with kindling will give you a glow. Once the armor is upgraded, you can utilize High-Stat focusing on Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, and Strength. You can focus on 2 at a time.

Solstice Armor Upgrade Process and Currency Used:

  • Silver Leaves: Completing activities will reward Silver Leaves.

  • Silver Ash: Silver leaves can be converted to Silver Ash when completing the Bonfire Bash activity. Silver Ash is also used to reroll armor stats.

  • Kindling: Completing Solstice event challenges will reward Kindling. You will also need Kindling to upgrade the Solstice armor pieces with 3 tiers. Once fully upgraded they will be unlocked once fully upgraded for all of the new armor pieces you obtain. So if you upgrade a helmet to Tier 3 any Solstice Helmet you receive after that can use Tier 3 stat rerolls.

Our team will complete all of the objectives required to obtain the Solstice of Heroes armor selected.


1600+ Power Level


Piloted: A pro will play on your account to complete this service.

Customer Reviews

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Louie C.
I didn't have the time

I didn't have the time for Solstice this year and they completed the armor set quickly.

mathew j.
A pleasure to deal with

Amazing and quick service

Great Service as Always

My go to Guardian when I need help! Always great service and communication. I highly recommend and have never once had any issues

Logan H.
A+ service

Booster provided A+ service

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