Ship Modules

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Ship Modules

Unlock ship modules in Helldivers 2 and improve your firepower of Stratagems. Our team will help you farm the specific samples you need to buy the Ship Modules. There are 18 Ship Modules total with 3 options per category.


Patriotic Administration Center

  • Donation Access License

  • Streamlined Request Process

  • Hand Carts

Orbital Cannons

  • Exploding Shrapnel

  • More Guns

  • Zero-G Breech Loading


  • Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit

  • Pit Crew Hazard Pay

  • Expanded Weapons Bay


  • Targeting Software Upgrade

  • Nuclear Radar

  • Power Steering

Engineering Bay

  • Synthetic Supplementation

  • Advanced Construction

  • Rapid Launch System

Robotics Workshop

  • Dynamic Tracking

  • Shock Absorption Gel

  • High-Quality Lubricant


You will need all lower tiers unlocked when choosing a higher tier.

The Suicide difficulty unlocked for any Tier 3 Upgrades.



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Ship Modules
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