Root of Nightmares Raid

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    If you want us to spend spoils of conquest please specify what weapons and quantity. You can only buy one Red Border per week, per account.

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Root of Nightmares Raid


Obtain the new loot in the Root of Nightmares Raid. Our team will help you complete the Root of Nightmares normal raid with ease so you can collect new loot! Spoils of Conquest can be used for buying Deepsight Resonance weapons at the end after defeating Nezarec, the final boss. Only one Deepsight Resonance weapon that you have unlocked can be purchased once per week, per account. There is a puzzle in the raid that will reward one random Deepsight Resonance weapon at the end and can only be done once per week, per account. The raid exotic is Conditional Finality and has a random chance of dropping from Final Boss.


  • Conditional Finality – Raid Exotic Shotgun

  • Briar’s Contempt – Linear Fusion Rifle

  • Koraxis’s Distress – Grenade Launcher

  • Mykel’s Reverance – Sidearm

  • Rufus’s Fury – Auto Rifle

  • Nessa’s Oblation – Shotgun

  • Acasia’s Dejection – Trace Rifle

  • Raid Armor set

  • Terrors Uprooted – Emblem

All rewards are subject to RNG and not guaranteed to drop.


1781+ Power Level


Piloted: A pro will play on your account to complete this service.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Constantine S.
The best around

Super fast. Super friendly. Always perfect and on time.

Mr. T.
Amazing Service as always

Always professional and efficient.

5 star service

Great service and RNG was kind. Recommended!


Amazing Love these guys. Always good for a clutch completion or getting that hard to get exotic. Thanks again!

Jamal C.
Not what I expected

The stealth team always does a good job. But it is a little expensive for this raid. Four one the armor looks weird and there are three weapons that are good but besides that it’s not my cup of tea.

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Root of Nightmares Raid
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