Reckless Endangerment

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Reckless Endangerment


The Reckless Endangerment is the Season of the Risen ritual weapon. A primary Legendary Shotgun that uses Special Ammo.  It holds 6 in the magazine firing at 90 RPM using a Lightweight frame. The Reckless Endangerment is unlocked by reaching rank 16 in either Gambit, Vanguard, or Crucible.

It features the new Origin Traits for Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible that has a unique perk specific for these game modes. This weapon has 3 slots of perks and each slot will allow you to choose the one you need for your play style. It also comes with handling masterwork with curated rolls.

Obtain the Reckless Endangerment now with the help from our team.


Slot 1:

  • Perpetual Motion: This weapon gains bonus stability, handling, and reload speed while the wielder is in motion.

  • Steady Hands: Kills provide improved handling for all weapons for a short duration.

Slot 2:

  • Swashbuckler: This weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon.

  • Snapshot Sights: Faster time to aim down sights.

Slot 3:

  • Vanguard’s Vindication Final Blows with this weapon grant a small amount of health.

  • One Quiet Moment: Grants increased reload speed when out of combat.

  • Invader Tracker: Damaging the invader with this weapon marks them for allies.




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