PsiOps Battlegrounds

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PsiOps Battlegrounds


We will help you complete the PsiOps Battlegrounds for new loot. Our team can also complete the PsiOps Battleground on Legend difficulty without dying which will complete the Flawless PsiOps Legend Triumph to unlock the Explosive Personality grenade launcher.


  • Sweet Sorrow – Legendary Arc Energy Auto Rifle

  • Under Your Skin – Legendary Void Energy Combat Bow

  • Explosive Personality – Legendary Solar Energy Grenade Launcher

  • Recurrent Impact – Legendary Stasis Power Machine Gun

  • Tusked Allegiance Armor Set


You must own the Witch Queen DLC

PsiOps Battleground Activity Unlocked

Power Level – Normal 1500+| Legendary 1530+


A booster from our team will complete the service on your account.

You will join our pro team as we show you the way.

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