Node.OVRD.Avalon Exotic Mission

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Node.OVRD.Avalon Exotic Mission

The Node.OVRD.Avalon Exotic Mission was introduced in Lightfall Season of Defiance. This mission rewards the Vexcalibur on normal and you can obtain the 3 Catalysts by completing on Node.OVRD.Avalon on Legendary. At the moment it is time gated where you get 1 catalyst each week.There are 4 secret chests for extra rewards and Data Retrieval Triumphs. Catalysts available are Immovable Refit, Robber Refit, and Feedback Refit. We will help you complete the Node.OVRD.Avalon Mission on Normal or Legendary.

Add-on Options:

  • Add Secret Chests

  • Solo Completion

  • Flawless Completion

  • Solo Flawless Completion

  • Legend Flawless (Full Admin Access Triumph)

  • Selfplay – Join our team


Normal: 1780+ Power Level

Legendary: 1810+ Power Level


Piloted: A pro will play on your account to complete this service.

Self-Play: You play with our team

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Node.OVRD.Avalon MissionNode.OVRD.Avalon Exotic Mission
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