Nightmare Hunts

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Nightmare Hunts

Nightmare hunts are a 3 player activity on the moon in D2. Nightmare Hunts reward Dreambane Armor and Weapons. There are 3 Nightmare Hunts that rotate weekly with 8 total. You have the chance to get an essence quest from each completion which let’s you focus the gear you can unlock. The Nightmare Hunts are available on Adept, Hero, Legend, Master. The higher the difficulty the better the rewards. We will help you complete the Nightmare Hunts you need for rewards. If you need other Triumphs or gear please check out our Harbinger Title post.

Nightmare Hunts:

  • Pride: Skolas – Essence of Pride Quest to get Dreambane Helmet.

  • Fear: Phogoth – Essence of Fear Quest to get Dreambane Chest Armor.

  • Anguish: Omnigul – Essence of Anguish Quest to get Dreambane Leg Armor.

  • Despair: Crota – Essence of Despair Quest to get Dreambane Class Item.

  • Isolation: Taniks – Essence of Isolation Quest to get Dreambane Gauntlets.

  • Rage: Ghaul – Essence of Rage Quest to get One Small Step Shotgun.

  • Servitude: Zydron – Essence of Servitude Quest for the Dream Breaker Fusion Rifle.

  • Insanity: The Fanatic – Essence of Insanity Quest for Love and Death Grenade Launcher.

Piloted: A pro will play on your account to complete this service.

Self-Play: You play with our pro team.

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