Master Vow of the Disciple

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Master Vow of the Disciple


Our pro team will give you a boost by completing the Master Vow of the Disciple raid. This version of the raid is not easy for LFG teams or the causal player to complete which is why we offer 2 options for this boost to help all players interested in obtaining new loot.

We can carry you through the Vow of the Disciple Master raid which is where you play with our team. The 2nd boost option is where one of our pros will pilot your account by playing on your profile.


  • Submission (Adept) – Submachine Gun

  • Insidious (Adept) – Pulse Rifle

  • Cataclysmic (Adept) – Linear Fusion Rifle

  • Forbearance (Adept) – Grenade Launcher

  • Deliverance (Adept) – Fusion Rifle

  • Lubrae’s Ruin (Adept) – Glaive

All rewards are RNG and not guaranteed.

The Vow of the Disciple Master rewards Adept raid weapons along with better stat armor. You will also unlock the Gouging Light exotic Sparrow for completing the raid on Master.

Adept weapons are a random drop from each encounter. One random Adept weapon will drop for doing the Master Weekly Challenge.


Power Level 1820+


Piloted: We will play on your account to complete the activity.

Carry: You join our pro team to complete the raid.

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Master Vow of the DiscipleMaster Vow of the Disciple
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