Master Root of Nightmares

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Master Root of Nightmares

The Master Root of Nightmares Raid is available now. Adept weapons are the main incentive but the Armor also rolls with higher stats. Adept Weapons will become craftable in a future update this season so you won’t want to miss out on getting these weapons unlocked. Completing the master Root of Nightmares Weekly Challenge will reward a guaranteed random adept weapon. Once unlocked they can be purchased from the cache for 25 spoils of conquest. All encounters reward one piece of armor. Each week there is a new attribute being featured that will drop higher stats for such as Resilience, Recovery, and Mobility. You will also get the Raid Emblem “Terrors Uprooted” and Triumphs. All of this loot doesn’t come without a struggle. Our team will help you complete the full master Root of Nightmares raid with the weekly challenge.


1820+ Power Level

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