Legendary Lightfall Campaign

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Legendary Lightfall Campaign


The Legendary Lightfall campaign in D2 will reward you with a level 1770 gear set which is 20 levels above the soft cap. That’s a lot less grind if you were to go the normal route. We highly recommend you start off with a Legendary completion for the fastest route to the max gear level.  It’s the best way to get a head start on leveling up your characters for end-game activities and getting new loot along the way. Our team will help you complete the Lightfall Campaign on legendary difficulty fast and efficiently. You can join us or we can pilot your account to save you time.


  • 1770 Gear Level

  • Lightfall Exotic

  • 300 Strand Mediations

  • 8 Upgrade Modules

  • Triumph




Piloted: A pro will play on your account to complete this service.
Self-Play: You play with our pro team.

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Legendary Lightfall CampaignLegendary Lightfall Campaign
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