Last Wish Red Border Farm

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    *Random Red Borders (No specific weapon guaranteed)

    *Apex Predator - Rocket Launcher

    *Nation of Beasts – Hand Cannon

    *Transfiguration Scout Rifle

    *The Supremacy – Sniper Rifle

    *Techeun Force – Fusion Rifle

    *Tyranny of Heaven – Bow

    *Chattering Bone – Pulse Rifle

    *Age Old Bond – Auto Rifle

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Last Wish Red Border Farm

All Last Wish weapons are now craftable. We will farm the Last Wish raid encounters for the specific red border weapon you need until it drops guaranteed. You will need 5 Red Borders for each weapon to unlock the pattern then you will be able to craft it. We will complete these orders only when the raid is featured for the week as that’s when it can be farmed.

Red Border Weapons:

  • Apex Predator – Rocket Launcher

  • Nation of Beasts – Hand Cannon

  • Transfiguration Scout Rifle

  • The Supremacy – Sniper Rifle

  • Techeun Force – Fusion Rifle

  • Tyranny of Heaven – Bow

  • Chattering Bone – Pulse Rifle

  • Age Old Bond – Auto Rifle


1600+ Power Level


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