Last Wish Raid

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Last Wish Raid


Our team will help you complete the full Last Wish Raid. You will get a random reward for each encounter. Completing the weekly challenge will reward an extra piece of gear. This raid is fully farmable when it’s featured for the week. Red borders can drop randomly from encounters. You can also pick up a quest from Hawthorne once per week, per account to get a guaranteed red border for completing the Last Wish raid. Once the quest is completed for the week you will be able to buy weapons from Hawthorne for 20 Spoils of Conquest each. Please be sure to pick up the quest from Hawthorne if interested in the extra red border when ordering or leave us a note to grab it.


  • Apex Predator – Rocket Launcher

  • Nation of Beasts – Hand Cannon

  • Transfiguration Scout Rifle

  • The Supremacy – Sniper Rifle

  • Techeun Force – Fusion Rifle

  • Tyranny of Heaven – Bow

  • Chattering Bone – Pulse Rifle

  • Age Old Bond – Auto Rifle

  • One Thousand Voices – Fusion Rifle


  • Great Hunt Armor Set

All rewards are subject to RNG and specific drops are not guaranteed.


Piloted: A pro will play on your account to complete this service.
Self-Play: You play with our pro team.

Customer Reviews

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5 star service

Great service, recommended.

Angel B.
Theses are my guys

I'm always happy with the quick service and great communication. I do 98% of everything in D2 as a solo player on my own, but when time is limited and LFG is annoying to complete that remaining 2%, I call upon these guys. Thank you for the great service.

Angel B.
The Best Service Ever!!!!

This is my team! I play lone wolf and I am able to obtain 95% of items on my own. Once in awhile I need a hand and this site is my go to for that. Great communication and great service!

George E.
Awesome as always

Very professional and amazing service

Trevor A.
Leviathan raid

Very fast order completion. You guys deserve a 10 out of 5!!

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