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Gumshoe Title

Witch Queen Seal


To obtain the Gumshoe title you will need to complete all of the Witch Queen Seal triumphs. Our service will allow you to get the Triumphs done with ease. Choose the objectives you need finished and allow us to do the rest.

You will also need to complete the Witch Queen Badge which requires collecting all Throne world gear.

Once the seal is complete show off the Title banner above your character in the game and in the menu.


Master of Truth: Master Campaign mission completion.

Buddy Up – Fynch Rank 30.

Hardware of the Throne – Craft all nine Wellspring and Throne World weapons.

Report: Reverse-Lure – Exotic Glaive Quest completion.

Of Queens and Worms – Parasite Exotic quest completion.

Lepidopterist – Collect 10 Lucent Moths in the Throne World.

No Peeking – Close all 10 Darkness Rifts in the Throne World.

World Champions – Defeat 50 Champions in Throne World Lost Sectors.


Triumphs unlocked

WQ Campaign Completed


Piloted: A pro will play on your account to complete this service.

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