Grand Overture Catalyst

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Grand Overture Catalyst


Heavy Does It Quest


Our team will complete the quest to obtain the Grand Overture Catalyst for you.

Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible grants Calibration points. Higher tier Nightfalls, Crucible Wins, Gambit Wins, and guardian kills will progress this step faster.

Upgrade the weapon to masterwork once you have the catalyst by farming the kills needed for Grand Overture Catalyst.

 It’s a Slug Launcher that Charges and fires Full Auto Missles as its exotic perk. It holds a Magazine of 20 slugs and fires at 100 RPM.

The Grand Overture Catalyst adds 20 Stability and Handling to the weapon stats. You also get an additional perk that will blind combatants with the missile explosions. Enemies will also explode when defeated with missile impacts.


Wrath of the Colossus: Heavy slug Launcher that charges then fires full auto while the trigger is held.

Omega Strike: Land hits with the slug launcher to load missiles, reload, and then fire to launch all missiles in a single volley.

Step 1:

50 Cabal defeated

50 enemies defeated with Power Weapons

15 Rapidly defeated Targets

Step 2:

450 Targets defeated

200 Catalyst Calibration


Power Level 1350+

Season Pass Rank 11


Piloted: A pro will play on your account to complete this service.

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