Flawless Title

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Flawless Title


The Flawless Title includes a list of Triumphs that need to be completed in order to unlock it.

Once the Title is unlocked it will display over your guardian and ID. This is also viewable from the character screen.

Trials loot will also be rewarded for you to keep during the process.

Flawless Title Triumphs:

  • Confidence is High: Complete a Passage of Confidence during the season.

  • Safe Harbor: Once you reach the Lighthouse once, assist 3 players in reaching the Lighthouse for the first time ever in the game.

  • This is the way: Complete the flawless passage on 6 of the maps available during the season.

  • Guardian of the lighthouse: Win 15 games after reaching 7 wins during the season. 

  • All roads to victory: Get 10 wins in Trials of Osiris on every passage. 

We will help you get the Triumphs completed that are required for the Trials of Osiris Flawless Seal. Some Triumph can take a couple of weeks to complete as they require RNG or waiting for the maps to rotate.


  • Lightfall DLC

  • Power Level 1800+ Base

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Amazing service

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