Essence of Oversoul Triumphs

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Essence of Oversoul Triumphs

Essence of Oversoul is material needed to unlock the Necrochasm and upgrade the Catalyst. There are 11 Essence of Oversoul triumphs for Crota’s End that will drop Essence of Oversoul. The weekly challenge ones are on rotation and you may need to wait for us to complete the Triumph.


  • Perfected Truth: Flawless Crota’s End (3 Essence)

  • In Unison: Complete Crota’s End with a Full fireteam using the same class. (One Essence)

  • Feather-Light: Complete the Abyss encounter challenge. (One Essence)

  • Precarious Balance: Complete the Bridge Encounter Challenge. (One Essence)

  • Threatening Reach: Defeat all Swordbearers in the Bridge encounter from the opposite side of the Bridge. (One Essence)

  • Equal Vessels: Complete the Ir Yût encounter challenge. (One Essence)

  • Communal Rites: At least one player must expunge Ir Yût on each round. (One Essence)

  • All For One: Complete the Crota encounter challenge. (One Essence)

  • Singular Sensation: Beat Crota with only one player Enlightened at a time. (One Essence)

  • Broken Throne: Complete all encounters in Crota’s End on Master (2 Essence)


1810+ Power Level


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Essence of Oversoul TriumphsEssence of Oversoul Triumphs
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