Essence of Oversoul Farm

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    Essence of Oversoul

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Essence of Oversoul Farm

Essence of Oversouls are needed to complete the Bottomless Pit quest for Necrochasm. You will need 20 Essence of Oversouls to unlock the Necrochasm. Next unlock the Necrochasm Catalyst by completing the Crota’s End raid puzzle. Then the Catalyst Masterwork completion will require 15 Essence of Oversoul to complete the masterwork. If you unlocked the Necrochasm by completing Crota’s End Contest mode then you will need up to 35 Essence of Oversoul.

These are obtained by completing Essence of Oversoul triumphs and Crota’s End raid encounters. We will help you farm the Essence of Oversoul you need to complete the objective.


1800+ Power Level


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Essence of OversoulsEssence of Oversoul Farm
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