Conditional Finality

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Conditional Finality

Conditional Finality is the Root of Nightmares raid exotic. It’s a unique shotgun that fires both solar and stasis. You can get it from an RNG drop on the final boss. We will farm the final boss each week until it drops for you. The root of Nightmares raid has the option for you to get an increased drop rate from completing specific Triumphs. None of these triumphs are included in the standard price for this exotic weapon. However we do offer this triumphs in the Dream Warrior Title listing if you would like to ensure you get the Conditional Finality faster.

 Triumphs that increase drop rate:

Classic Horror – Complete all encounters with a full fireteam of the same guardian class.

Dream Weavers – Full completion with a fireteam of Strand Subclasses.

Illuminated Torment – Complete the “Illuminated Torment” Challenge.

Psionic Purge – Complete the “Cataclysm” Base Challenge.

Crossfire – Complete the “Crossfire Challenge”

Shields Up – Complete the “Scission” Base Challenge.

Cosmic Equilibrium – Complete the “Cosmic Equilibrium” Challenge.

Singular Orbit – Complete the “Macrocosm” base challenge.

All Hands – Complete the “All Hands” Challenge

Synchronicity – Complete the “Nezarec” Base Challenge.

Flawless Raid – This greatly increases the drop chance.


1791+ Power Level

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