Ascendant Challenge

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Ascendant Challenge

The Ascendant Challenges in the Dreaming City are tied to the Cursebreaker Seal and drop Dreaming City gear. The Starlight shell also has the chance to drop. You will need a Tincture of Foil consumables to access them. If you have the Baryon Bough material we can buy them for you. There are 6 different challenges with one rotating each week. Our team will help you complete any Ascendant challenge.


  • Cimmerian Garrison

  • Ouroborea

  • Forfeit Shrine

  • Shattered Ruins

  • Keep of Honed Edges

  • Agonarch Abyss

Piloted: A pro will play on your account to complete this service.

Self-Play: You play with our pro team.

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