Altars of Sorrow

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Altars of Sorrow


Altars of Sorrow is a public event on the moon that was introduced in Shadowkeep. It is a horde activity where you need to kill waves of enemies. It has different tiers ranging from Tier 1 going up to the hardest Tier 5.

There are 3 bosses rotating on a daily basis with one weapon being exclusive to each boss. All of the Altars of Sorrow weapons are RNG but we will guarantee the weapon you choose.

You can also add the Alters of Sorrow: Sorrow’s Bane Triumph which requires all five phases at tier 5 to be cleared without a single sacrifice. This will reward the triumph and The Third Tide legendary ship. The Bane of Crota Shell can randomly drop from any boss.


  • Blasphemer (Shotgun) – Phogoth, the Untamed.

  • Apostate (Sniper Rifle) – Tanis, The Scarred.

  • Heretic (Rocket Launcher) – Zydron, Gate Lord.

  • Bane of Crota Shell (Ghost Shell)


Power Level 1350+

Shadowkeep DLC

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Altars of SorrowAltars of Sorrow
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